EDGE ARCHITECTS is a Kuwaiti Egyptian and Italian Interior design company. We pride ourselves as a group of architects, engineers and interior designers with multidisciplinary backgrounds. Converting fancy concepts to real solid projects is exactly what we do. We love to design, create and construct. Our extreme conquest is to make sure that our projects come to reality in its finest and smallest details.

We do interior contracting and full turnkey solutions services including design concepts, supervision, management, execution and also furniture customization and supply. We deliver our projects with very high attention to details and we are able to customize every minor detail to meet our client’s expectations and satisfactions. Our extreme conq`uest is to deliver our projects with very high attention to details and meet our clients' expectations and satisfaction.

Through very strong relations with our clients we operate. The word of mouth and the client’s recommendations are the core elements that make us able to sustain and still exist. We have very broad experience, through the massive number of projects we have already done, in residential, commercial, administrative and retail projects.  Yet, we deal with each project as a new challenge to make sure we reach perfection in the end.


Our team is experienced, hardworking and forward-looking. We build your dreams along with trust and long lasting relationships. Our commitment to you begins with a project; we take our relationship seriously, but we also believe in the importance of self. For that reason, we have soared with our clients.